Rally Returns to the Valley

April 16th - 19th 2015

That's right.  TAP's exciting Rally in the Valley Event returns to PA.  As always, running in conjunction with Allen Hopkins'  "Super Billiards Expo" we will return to The Greater Philidelphia Expo Center in The Oaks PA.  Bigger and better with carpeted flooring, more food choices and pleanty of parking, this event is sure to please.  There is also a new hotel on the same property making it even easier to get back and forth to the event.   We will release more information regarding soon.

 Licensee's take note, this is when the annual Licensee meeting will take place.  Thursday April 16th at 9:00 a.m.  With the growth that we have experienced we will need a much larger facility to host our meeting so we will keep you updated on where that will be.

Single players....  You will begin play on Thursday night the 16th and Rally in the Valley teams will start play Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. the 17th.

We would like to say thank you to everyone in Edison NJ and look forward in returning to the home of Loyd's beloved "Rally in the Valley"  TAP ON! and we can't wait to see you there. 

TAP Phone App

2.0 Score Keeper

Another first!  TAP brings to the industry, offered through the Apple Store,take a look at a sample video see to the new features 2.0 offers scroll the read more page. Read More

TAP Xtreme

Keep Up To Date

TAP Xtreme take a look at your new upper level play for you the player. Read More

TAP Has 8 League Formats

You Have Choices

With TAP you always have a choice. We're proud to offer 8 different formats of league play to our members. Keeping you in the game and entertained with friends and family. We'll be providing a link with a short description of each format to help you make your choice. Thank you for choosing TAP for your night out. Meanwhile click on image to view them all.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Let's Build A Relationship

The year of 2013 holds great things for our organization. Different levels of sponsorship programs will be introduced to our brand. TAP, being a recognized organization throughout the United States, Canada and soon to be International, will be actively marketing partnership programs. If you would like to team up your logo with ours contact up at 1-800-984-7665.

Business Opportunities

Extra Income For You

TAP offers  friendly and affordable programs that offer different levels to be a League Operator in your backyard.  Think you might have the right stuff Read More.


2014 National Championships

November 13th-16th

LAST CALL - ANYONE wanting to book a tour at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium - For Wednesday, Nov. 12th - There are time slots available. 90 Minute Tour of the Stadium, Lock Rooms of Cheerleaders and Football players, tour to Stadium Floor, Picture taken on the Dallas Cowboy Star. Cost is $20. There are no tours available from Thursday through Sunday due to the High School Football Playoffs. Email kelly@tapleague.com for the form to complete with credit card information and fax directly to the AT & T stadium. Event Schedule, Team Round Robin Schedules have been sent out to licensees/operators and have been posted on TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour Facebook Page. Singles to follow. Any questions, email kelly@tapleague.com. I will keep you posted as we are headed to the biggest TAP Nationals Event to Date ! Together We TAP ON ! Kelly

2015 National Championships

Nov. 5th - 8th 2015

Nashville Tennesse is it. The April 2013 National Licensee Meeting was the stage for many things including TAP Founder and CEO Loyd Schonter announcing, Read More

Team Sponsor Program

Advertise On Your Roster

As Pool-net continues to power the needs for league players and league locations, this already impressive state of the art league system is adding new  features with bells and whistles for us all to enjoy. Check this one out. Watch Video on how to do it.

McDermott Offers You

Just For You

While you are taking a look around the "event catagories"  visit  special offer from McDermott Cues your 2013 National Cue Sponsor.

TAP Online Store

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The TAP Online Store has a new image for the TAP member and any Host Location to find out more about this exciting news read more.

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TAP Founder Loyd Schonter and TAP members ask you if you have the vision (Watch). Together we make it happen leading the industry to a vision that it has never experienced until TAP. Would you like to learn more about how to join, Read More.

Location Owner

Host Locations

Are you looking for a fresh start for your customers?  If you don't have TAP in your location feel free to contact us and we can show you how easy it is to bring great entertainment to your league player. You could win one of our "Host Location Lights" available in a number of colors. TAP Lights are also available for purchase at our Online Store.