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Business Opportunity - Getting Started

How to get started in the league and tournament business. You should first start by asking yourself if you are a good prospect for this business. Based on almost 20 years experience, we have some questions you should ask yourself to help direct your success.

1. Are you good with people?

This is a must in our business. If you like working with people you're one step in the right direction.

2. Are you willing to work nights?

This is a business that requires night time work. Almost 100% of league play is dedicated to night time hours.

3. Do you think you have to be a good pool player to be in this business?

This business requires you to provide a service to the league player and host locations. Your knowledge of the business is much more important than your skills on the table.

4. Are you respected and trusted by your players and friends?

The players need to trust and respect you with their money as well as making the top level decisions that are needed with operating a part of a major national league. Each TAP licensee is a part of the puzzle and every piece of that puzzle reflects on the entire organization that is TAP.

5. Are you unhappy with how the other leagues are formatted and operated?

We at TAP hear this time and again. TAP has a better league and product to offer to you and your players.

6. Do you have the teams and players interested?

You might have a dream of bringing something new to the players but do they share your enthusiasm as well?

7. Are you motivated?

Teams and players just do not materialize on their own. It takes someone to take control and get them organized. Do you have this motivation?

8. Are you computer literate?

Although you don't need to hold Bill Gates computer skills, you do need to have a computer with Internet access. Other then that not much else is needed with TAP except your time and expertise in knowing your area and your players.

9. Are you an open minded, independent individual?

TAP didn't get where it is at by being a "copy cat" league. TAP tries new approaches to league play every year. Some things work great and others do not but TAP always tries to be on the fore front of league play with new ideas and cutting edge technology. TAP is always looking for people with new ideas.

10. Did you answer yes to all of the above?

If you did then what are you waiting for? Call TAP now (800-984-7665) and be a part of the best and hottest billiard league in the country!!

Please contact us for more information.