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Business Opportunity - The Room Owner

Our commitment is not only to the player, we are also committed to the host location. A good relationship between us all is a must, to achieve the quality of success deserved for all involved. We suggest an open policy between the head personnel of the host location and our representative (The Licensee).

Possibly a monthly meeting to bring each other up to date on what is happening during league night. What can be done to service the league players and promote the establishment specials. The league player should promote all host locations of league play more times than just league night.

Many of our operators did or still do own a tavern or pool room and have shared what they feel is important. Below are some of the ideas that are important to TAP and the establishment owners.

  1. TAP and TAP operators share the attitude that we are here to compliment your business. After all, you have spent a lot of your money and time to have what you have today.

  2. TAP traveling divisions will bring pool players into your establishment from other parts of town, that normally do not patronize your establishment. The players then see what you have to offer (food, drinks, prices etc...) and many times they find old friends and will be comfortable to return to your establishment when in the neighborhood.

  3. TAP operators will meet with you to help in promoting your business throughout the session. Many operators have web sites that the entire league reads. Also TAP operators have experience in running tournaments that may compliment your business.

  4. Tavern owners have gone on record as saying that the revenue difference for the night a TAP match is played at their business is a minimum of $100 or more for that night when TAP is not there. Can you afford this loss of revenue?

  5. TAP pool leagues give your business exposure to people that might never have visited your business in the first place. Many times TAP players and teams will stop in on off days during the week to practice, thus giving you spin off business from the league.

  6. MOST IMPORTANT - As you know the best advertisement is CARS IN THE PARKING LOT!!! Many of our leagues run on weeknights that are normally slow nights. By having the TAP league in your establishments, our players will be there playing for 3-4 hours.  You know when people driving by see the cars, they will stop to see what's going on.

Please contact us for more information.