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Format and Object of the Game

10-Ball is a call-shot game played with a cue-ball and 10 object balls numbered 1 thru 10. You shoot the balls in ascending numerical order. The 10-ball is the game winning ball. The object of the game is to pocket the 10-ball.

Go to this link for more details and the rules of TAP 10-Ball. The TAP 10-Ball format was introduced to our program in March of 2012. We are looking at record numbers of growth with this product and look forward to introducing it into our National Championship Events.

If you would like to help us make this happen, contact your nearest TAP Licensee through our "League Locator" Let's work together on a goal to make the 10. If you would like to get some 10-Ball posters just click the image to make it happen.

If TAP 10-Ball is not in your area and you did not see a TAP Licensee in your area under the League Locator, call us toll free at 800-984-7665 or go to our TAP Help Desk. If you want to play we want to make it happen together.