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League Rules

League pool is played in a number of locations around the world and unfortunately a number of different rules. TAP has put together what we feel to be fair rules to guide you towards quality entertainment our league wishes to represent. We feel winning by skill and not a rule along with good sportsmanship sums up our general guidelines of league play.

Our General Guideline booklet for 8-ball and 9-ball takes this into account and has been designed with the player in mind and sized for easy storage in your cue case. Distribution of this booklet is available to you in a printable version shown below or to be purchased in a pack at our online store. TAP Corporate also provides all teams one free rulebook every year through your local league representative.

May of 2011 TAP brought 10-ball and Scotch Doubles to be marketed throughout its regions with the intentions of being added to TAP's future National events.

Due to the time of the yearly printing of our 8-ball and 9-ball booklet 10-ball and Scotch Doubles will not be added to our General Guideline Booklet until summer of next year. However you can view and print from the below area.

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