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TAP Staff

Corporate Staff


Loyd Schonter, Founder 

Celeste Schonter
Chief Executive Officer
Toll Free: (800) 984-7665 Ext 1
Cell: (843) 685-4196
Fax: (888) 870-0983
Email: celeste@tapleague.com

Chuck Schonter
Director Licensee Support
Toll Free: 800-984-7665 Ext 3
Cell: (540) 656-0269
Email: chuck@tapleague.com

Tiffany Drahos
TAP Community Relations Director
Cell: (216) 789-8588
Email: TiffanyDrahos@tapleague.com

Charlie Brocklehurst
Project Director
Toll Free: (800) 984-7665 Ext 5
Cell: (410) 446-6595
Email: charlie@tapleague.com

Kris Kemp
TAP Community Sponsorship Coordinator
Cell: (201) 914-7511
Email: KrisKemp@tapleague.com

Jason Drahos
Head Ref
Cell: (216) 789-9525
Email: Headref@tapleague.com

Sales Department

Sam Rullo
Sales Director
Toll Free: (800) 984-7665 Ext 2
Email: tappool@aol.com

Marketing Director/Online Store

Clinton Schonter
Toll Free: (800) 984-7665 Ext 8
Cell: 703-401-2610
Email: clintschonter@tapleague.com

Membership Department

Larry Schonter
Membership Director
Cell: (703) 626-0969
Email: memberships@tapleague.com

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Tournament Directors

Team Tournament Directors
Shannon and Michael Mofield 

Singles Event

Carl Johnson 

April and Keith Edwards 

Mini Tournaments

Jimmi Phillips and Chrissy Jones

Head Referee and Volunteers
Jason Drahos

Website Design & Maintenance

Teeple Enterprises, LLC
Rob Teeple - President