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It's important for your weekly stats to be updated on a timely manner, in order to make this happen every team and licensee needs to understand their responsibilities.

The first step is for all team captain or assigned team member to make sure your weekly score sheet is completed 100% filled out and legible so your data can be processed by your licensee in an accurate and efficient manner.

Once your score sheet has been looked over you need to get the information to your licensee so they can have it processed into Pool-net then you can view or print out updated standings before next weeks play.

The procedure of getting the score sheet to be processed can vary by licensee or division. Some of the options used are faxing, emailing, drop boxes or drop off points it is your licensees responsibilities to provide the team / player with all local procedures such as this one. It is standard procedure to have scoresheets updated 48 hours before league play if the above procedures have been followed.

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Did you know you have a Players Module referencing your weekly play in addition to your stats. Take a look at this sort video if you like to have access to yours contact us on the TAP Help Desk on the home page of our website or call us at 800-984-7665 we be happy to show you how and it's free.